Unlock your digital growth potential. Get the maximum ROI from your WordPress website.

  • WordPress management – Updating theme and plugins

  • Search Engine optimisation (SEO)

  • Managing your online shop – Taking and processing orders

  • Developing a better customer relationship – Email marketing

  • Creating pages and writing blogs. Using Canva.com

  • Optimise website including images.

  • Best practices to secure your website

  • Social media marketing. Choosing the right platform for your campaign

Course Duration:  4 Weeks

Fees: €250 (Special offer for Oct-Nov 2020 – Reg. Fee €450)

Timetable: Every Wednesday 6:pm – 9:00 pm

Next Course Dates: Wednesday 21 Oct

  • Understanding your cuisine and food items

  • Customer Segments – Who are your customers?

  • Channels to drive customers to your business

  • Customer service and re-marketing

  • Revenue and your costs

  • Printed and digital marketing

  • Your partners ( Just-eat, uber-eat, deliveroo etc.)

We are offering a three weeks course which is designed by a
A recognised Thought leader in eCommerce and IT Enablement,
Entrepreneurs and Data Analyst.

Course Duration:  4 Weeks

Fees: €450

Timetable: Every Monday 6:pm – 9:00 pm

Next Course Date: Monday 12 Oct