Unlock your Restaurants and takeaways digital growth potential

This time make some small changes and get significant differences. Explore the digital potential of your takeaway/restaurant and generate more sales

Business all star accreditation

We are offering a three weeks course which is designed by a
Recognised Thought leader in eCommerce and IT Enablement,
Entrepreneurs and Data Analyst.

Course Content:

  • Understanding your cuisine and food items

  • Customer Segments – Who are your customers?

  • Channels to drive customers to your business

  • Customer service and re-marketing

  • Revenue and your costs

  • Printed and digital marketing

  • Your partners ( Just-eat, uber-eat, deliveroo etc.)

2 hours - 1 eve/w for three weeks


Start Date: Tuesday 6th October 2020

Provide us with information about you & your business. Our sales team will contact you shortly.